Hello! As of January 2019, The Jones Fix is permanently closed. I know! It’s very sad! But here is the good news, I have relocated to a lovely beach town in Michigan and would love for you to come see me there! The new store is called Endora Bohemian and you can find me here…www.endorashop.com. If you are interested in remote design services, feel free to reach out and get on the waiting list! Thank you so much for 9 great years Chicago!

"Layne provides the trust and laughs to take the sting out of spending money."

"Layne's sense of style is impeccable."

"Layne has fun clothes and always smells like Aveda."

"If you invite Layne into your home you will be told how to rearrange your furniture.  If you did not ask, this may make you angry, until you do as your told and suddenly feel more at home than you ever have before."

"Layne does not suffer fools lightly. Or gladly."

"Layne has curly hair and also straight hair and it's brown but sometimes it's blue."

"Layne does not suffer fools. But fortunately she surrounds herself with plenty of people who do in order to balance that out." 

“Layne has the ability to see the bigger picture. I learned to trust her and I am sooooo happy I did!”

"I lack vision. Layne has vision. I like Layne."

"Layne knows more words than you and will beat you at scrabble if given the chance."

"I hate it when people say “can I be honest with you?”. Luckily Layne doesn’t do that, she just is honest with you. And she finds a way to steer you away from making costly bad decisions. She often saved me from myself."


Wow. So I guess fools should be scared of me. I can live with that.

Also- I live in Chicago with my husband Mark and our 2 dogs and cat.










The Jones Fix

Motto: Your Home Is Your Head