Style is for Everyone


Residential, Commercial, Event, and Retail Styling starting at $75/hour:

The Jones Fix charges a flat hourly fee of $75/hour for all shopping, sourcing, research and $100/hour for in home visits.  Unlike most designers, we don't add an up charge on any of the items you purchase. Or to any of the tradesmen or tradesladies you hire. That means when you buy a couch with us- you will mostly likely get a nice big discount on it, and when you hire a painter- they will give you our discount, and bill you directly.  We charge the same as a handyman, because we believe that a well styled home is for everyone. Not just super rich people.

Personal Shopping: $100/hour:

So you just need new nightstands and help picking out a rug? Or maybe you need some help hanging a gallery wall? For the parts of your home that are driving you BANANAS, we can problem solve with the best of them. Our hourly rate is a little higher here because there is more hauling, assembly, shopping and returns to do. But hey, good news! You don't have to do any of it!

Room by Room Design Proposals: $250+:

Imagine a digital catalogue, customized for your space. It's packed full of rugs, furniture, color palettes, lighting, accessories, and art- curated just or you. There are links, and pictures and color palettes. At the end of the document distinct Looks (think- Mid Century Industrial, or Boho Glam) are presented. Showing you how these elements will work together to create a thoughtful, visually stunning room. Pretty great right? Now picture options. In all price ranges. So that YOU can decide when to save, and when to splurge. I know- your totally freaking out. We are too.  A Design Proposal is basically the keys to the kingdom. Some design savvy clients buy a proposal and use it as a compass and shopping list to complete to the room themselves. Some buy a proposal and see how much work there is too be done and say, "This is awesome! Now make it happen!" And we do. Oh, we make it happen all right. A design proposal is recommended for anyone who is starting from scratch, be it a room or an entire house.

It all starts with a Free Consultation- where you come to the studio with pics of your space, we get to know each other and do THE JONES FIX STYLE TEST. What's that you ask?  Well besides incredibly telling and fun, it's a series of questions that help us to find out what you love, what makes you barf, and well- basically, who you are- so that we can provide a personalized plan that reflects YOU. Because your mom was right. You are special kiddo. You really are.

All you have to do is fill out this form. And you are on your way!