Aerial Beach Photos

WELL HELLO THERE CAMPERS! I don't know if it's the summer heat, or just my overall NEED to be near a large body of water at all times, but I am really obsessing over AERIAL BEACH PHOTOS. 

I just put this one up last week and it looks Totes AMAZE. 

Here is what I like about them:

1. They are big and colorful without being overwhelming or "too much". Who doesn't like the color of water? Idiots with no SOUL, that's who!!

2. They are timeless. I love that you can't really tell when this image was taken. And it doesn't really matter. 

3. They can be sentimental. Go to  and type in "aerial beach". Odds are your honeymoon or a favorite vacation spot will pop up. Whammo. Art that "means something"! Which FYI, is a unicorn I have been chasing professionally for about 5 years now.

For the dining room I was working on, I needed something that's orientation placed the water on the right. If it was on the left, it would've been buried in the corner, and all of that impact would be obscured. Not on my watch. We also considered using photo that had a deep teal colored water, but decided the turquoise shade really set off the Tom Dixon light fixture. And that fixture is so fly- it might as well have been bought at the Beyonce store, on Khaleesi St. It's that amazing.  

Have a great day everyone!